Extreme Fetish Tube

Suckin And Smokin


A cocoa sweetie and a milky woman illuminate their cigarettes and smoke in combination. The milky puffs of smoke upward push within the wind. Your hard-on will upward push, too. The milky woman and the dark-hued one sit down by means of a pool of their bikinis and smoke ciggies whilst chatting about smoking. The dolls are HOT of their bikinis. However wouldnt they moderately wrap their lips round your hard-on as an alternative of round the ones ciggies? Unquestionably dickblowing could be MUCH extra pleasing that puffing on some cylinder that provides best smoke of their gullets and no longer a scorching explosion of yummy jism! Pantyhose and a swimsuit? Smartly, that’s the garb those 2 dolls are dressed in as they front room by means of the pool, smoking ciggies and chatting … most commonly about smoking. They may nicer put the ones stiffly pursed lips to make use of gargling hard-ons, hmm?

Date: October 2, 2023