Extreme Fetish Tube

Trussed Japanese Hotty Two


Rosie, a horny, oriental doll with stiff beefy figure is our freshest marionette as we discover her getting on all fours at the ground in a enslaved stance. Rick conducts a polyclinic in strap cording via strapping her wrists, knees and ankles and devises a constrictive, uncomffortable strap brassiere. Rosie squirms in agony because the Tormentor touches & pins her immense cupcakes with chilly iron ice tongs.We subsequent in finding Rosie, bare & ball-gagged, as whippersnapper is roped face right down to an check-up desk. Tormentor Savage commences a unusual combo of culo massaging then savagely smacking her stiff smartly rounded caboose backside. After a vicous flagellating, her genital spaces are pricked and taunted with a wortenberg wheel. The Tormentor determines to not neglect our gimps lovely soles as he penalizes her feet with a rubber single-tail.Ultimately, our Japanese bombshell caked in dark-hued underwear, is roped spread-eagled toa torture desk. After affixing raunchy iron clothespins to her turgid puffies, Tormentor Savage instructs Rosie the that means of puss torture with ice tongs and wood garments pinches.

Date: July 27, 2023