Extreme Fetish Tube

The identify says all of it. Those 4 clothespins ensue a sub damsel as lambâs penalized by way of the arm of her painfreaks Sir, a highly wicked guy really. Tykeâs made to pray and stroll on all 4s. Tykeâs roped, flagellated and spread out on her Sirâs boobies, the place lamb suffers mighty (and we imply mighty) tit-binding. Tykeâs additionally made to drink a hefty fuck stick. What else? Letâs watchâ¦extraordinary use of clamps (slit and bra-stuffers) and red-hot paraffin wax. Finally, her Sir prizes her with a radical finger-fucking, pussy-slapping and a lengthy, sluggish ass-flogging.

Date: May 15, 2023