Extreme Fetish Tube

From the place of business, to the basement, to the schoolroom. Position have fun, SM, rubber fetish, and physical self-discipline! Vignette 1: Irene has employed Spanky to be her place of business boss for the weekend, to watch how issues pass. Throughout a regimen place of business inspection Spanky is located to be browsing the internet and goofing off. Lamb didn’t write out the exams to pay the expenses, and young lady was once detected impersonating Irene over the telephone. Irene trains Spanky to kind vids for awhile, and the entire time Spanky is daydreaming about insatiable rubber goings-on whilst in restrain bondage within the take a seat sling on the forearms of Irene. The cravings come with being face sat by means of Irene whilst dressed in a fake penis gag, fake penis instructing, and magic wand vibration. Each nymphs put on splendid skintight rubber lady flower fits, with strategically positioned zippers. Irene wears splendid fetish high-heeled slippers with 7 inch metal high-heeled slippers, and Spanky is in ballet shoes and head corset fake penis. Highly molten, shining, splendid and insatiable! Vignette two: Spanky is incapable to focus on paintings, so Manager orders her upstairs to the schoolroom for some self-discipline over the penalty cell! The next happens: Razor stropping, tawsing, lashing, birching, caning, jerks with lengthy picket rulers, slappers, and a skinny mahogany smacking stick. Spanky is grateful for her penalty and repentant afterward. Irene is sated with the behaviour amendment. Spanky is clad as a college female, and Irene wears place of business apparel on this vignette.

Date: November 23, 2023