Extreme Fetish Tube

Extraordinary Electrified Cbt – The Tights Prisoner


Brutal Dungeon presents: The Tights prisoner is made to attend at the porch of the Compound in wide sunlight dressed in a gasoline masks whilst Dom Gal X and Irene accomplish getting well-prepped. He’s then commanded to inject the house, undress, and don a Volvos of tights. He’s positioned in a iron virginity devise, cuffed, thumb manacled, and ankle manacled and led up the steps to the Gothic Apartment the place he’s positioned in a head corset at the OBGYN desk and confined with restrain bondage cords. Dom Gal X and Irene torture him and carry out experiments with the violet need and whartenburg wheels. He’s united to many alternative bins for off the hook procedures. Many fresh and strange concepts for electrified CBT! Electrified butterfly board, electrified nip have fun (bi-curious polar) and stringent restrain bondage. A adorable tights adorned foot fetish gig on the finish, with nuzzling. A tights Brutaltops madness!

Date: June 7, 2023