Extreme Fetish Tube

Alexa Suffers Whipping & Nip Torture For Smoking


Alexa ambles into the suspension apartment. If truth be told, a little too nonchalantly. Nursling then sits down the restrain bondage desk and lighting a ciggy. Nursling is aware of ache supersluts don’t seem to be permitted to smoke at the premises sans permission from their Tormentor. This lovely European fashion should know girl's about to suffer any other aggressive penalty. Nursling should just like the hard-core ache and supremacy. Nursling is first-ever unwrapped and wrists affixed in leather-based handcuffs, then fettered to a draping hook and dangled off the ground. Now girl's behaving like a startled subjugated ache gimp. He embarks out gradual with nip torture, pinning her tender teats. Then, he selections up the rhythm along with his cane, making it wrap round her assets taut and hasty, leaving killer lengthy neon crimson marks. He desires to torture her coochie a little and use his leather-based cat o’ nine tails far and wide her assets, peculiarly her mammories and puffies. So he string binds her gams stretch, palms above her head and out of the way in which and coochie uncovered. Observe as her enticing coochie and puffy titties suffer top influence dual flagellating. Her Tormentor desires her puffies vivid crimson, pinning and pulling on them with extra flagellating. Nursling's wailing and pleading for grace. Nursling'll depart when her Tormentor is screwstared. Expectantly this lesson buries in.

Date: August 29, 2023