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Penalty Integrated is a tale a couple of biz that gives self-discipline products and services to colleges families and civil government. This flick options three instances involving women folk; a wifey, a college girl and a civil perpetrator. Colleges use the products and services to treat downside college girls wanting extra self-discipline, Hubbies bottom use the products and services to resolve home issues. The biz could also be open to obtain courtroom appointed topics for civil misdemeanors when physical penalties are judged to be essentially the most adequate for the crime., The penalty products and services are performed through an expert masculine sir, versed in satisfying the demeanor changes required through the perpetrator. In each and every of the instances introduced the gal is subjected to wordy interrogation, harassment, slapping with a few other devices, restrain bondage in a few other postures, and step by step drawn into consensual xxx intercourse act.

Date: August 29, 2023